Design To Sell


  1. Power of woman fashion – This theme certainly has a powerful element as the product created ideally would stand for something iconic. Woman’s rights could play a large role in this theme and the possibilities for curating products using these ideas are endless. The Feminist art movement started in the late 1960s and incorporates the idea that feminist artists sought to create a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork through a woman’s perspective.
  2. Mind games – A broad theme like this would give me countless opportunities to experiment with things outside of my comfort zone. A lot of things around the world fall under the category of mind games, political agenda is a strong idea running through this theme as well as the simple visual illusions.
  3. Every Human – At first I wasn’t sure about this theme but after researching into the idea further I realised that it is the most interesting. Although in this day and age the world preaches about acceptance of differences and the understanding that not everyone is a like. I believe that every human still has similarities whether we like to admit them or not. Things like cultures, traditions and occasions all bring us together as humans.



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