Merchandising/Maker Seller – This genre of illustration definitely appeals to me the most as you really have a lot of freedom when it comes to what you decide to create. There are various different final outcomes from this genre which include posters, printed products, interior, fashion design, wallpaper and toys.

One of my favourite creative sellers is Marc Johns who works for the company Ohh Deer creating quirky illustrations that then get printed onto a number of different things such as gift wrap and cards.

I believe Marc Johns designs are successful because not only do they embody simplicity they are also quirky and slightly humorous making the product more intriguing. His work is a combination of both watercolour and ink which creates a classic and effective look for both gift wrap and cards.

Editorial – This aspect of illustration is definitely one of the most successful and some of the largest newspaper and magazine companies rely on this genre. 8c9ba3e082eab6f19564fed31d79d00f

Wijtze Valkema is a Netherlands based freelance illustrator, who specialises in bold, bright and colourful projects that are bound to catch the eye. This particular illustration was created as part of a cover and spread project for Het Financieele Dagblad’s weekend supplement ‘Outlook’ on crowd funding and research by patients.


Bex Glover is a Bristol-based illustrator, who specialises in editorial and advertisement projects. This beautiful editorial illustration was created for Digital Artist magazine to showcase ways in which other designers could experiment with stylised illustration.

Publishing – This genre in illustration is appreciated every single day by nearly every single person. Two thirds of the UK population (42 million people) read a newspaper every week; This goes to show just how important publishing in this day and age is.

Not only is publishing used for newspapers, magazines and children books it is also extremely popular in instructional works. One of my favourite publishing outcomes is the illustrated cook book Titled “All about the Cookery” by Mrs Beeton. mrs-beetons-all-about-cookery-book-vintage-antique

I believe this book not only incorporates helpful recipes but the small individual illustrations also makes the book feel slightly more personal and interesting to look at.

Concept Art – Although similar to design concept art is mainly about exploring ideas visually through a design process. the outcome then continues past the design and into production. Concept art needs to be designed in a way that is realistic towards the function of the piece being designed.

One of my favourite concept artist, Paul Tobin designs for film, television and computer game projects. He has previously worked on designs for Avatar and The Hobbit.

Paul Tobin: “My earliest armour designs featured big, wide breast plates, because it looked more powerful. But in the proto-typing phase, the actor could not close their arms to hold a weapon two handed. It looked great on paper, but all that power the design suggested was lost when the actor couldn’t act in it. It was embarrassing, but you learn from your mistakes and the process. So with the process in mind I thought it might be helpful to run through a typical example of how to step beyond the art and into design.”

Advertising – In this day and age our world mostly relies on the concept of advertising to run our companies and programs. Without advertising creative work would not reach to consumers eyes.

The power of advertising and standard has developed into something extremely effective. My favourite form of illustrated advertising is one’s that incorporate humour and are light hearted. For example advertising creative Shiyang He has created a series of illustrations that remind us to stand up for the pregnant. 打印These illustrations are effective as they are drawn with simplicity and but with exaggeratted features making the work unusual.

Design and Packaging – 

Different types of Design and Packaging:

  • Carton Design
  • Food Packaging
  • Drinks and Spirits packaging
  • Promotional packaging
  • Digital packaging
  • Sustainable packaging

One of my favourite Design and Packaging company is Duncan Print. This company very clearly creates individual packaging that’s both intricate but also with simple colours.


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