Creative Practice

  1. Industry Workspace

Illustrator Frankie Pip’s workspace in New Zealand:

Example of her work:



Luke Frost, Jon Rundall and Therese Vandling make up Heretic – an experimental illustration and print-making studio based in London.

They have separate sections for their for their illustrations and their print making.

Freunde von Freunden is an independent illustration company in Germany, here is their workspace:

2. My own Workspace:

The work I do in this space is art work.

The Pros – It’s covered in all my art work so I can get inspired. There is a big window that lets in a lot of natural light. It’s on the top floor of the house so I never get disturbed. There is a sink in the room so easy access to water for painting. It feels bright.

The Cons – The desk space is not very big. Not a lot of storage space for large pieces of work. It’s a bedroom so you could end up sleeping instead of working!

I spend an average of an hour a day working productively in this space and rarely get disturbed from anybody as it is quite a closed off area. Although this room is situated in a student house and the majority of the students are artistic which is always helpful if I ever need advice.

This workspace could be made a lot better if the desk was more closed over to the bed, almost like a seperated cornered room where I can just do my art. Also a bigger desk so I can spread all my work out. An example of my ideal workspace is drawn below:

3. Drawing an ideal workspace:




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