1. Three Illustrators:

Camille is an illustrator working for beehive illustration. The reason I decided to research into her work is because of how unusual it is even though she has stayed within a simplistic theme. Her artwork mixes digital and traditional techniques and her designs are aimed towards toddlers and children apparel.

Brian Stauffer is an illustrator for various different magazines such as The New York Times, The Nation and Worth Magazine. Brian uses a unique combination of hand drawn sketches, painted elements and scanned objects.

An illustrator that has always inspired me is Raquel Aparicio, his work incorporates tricks of the eye changing your perception of art as well as using soft water colour tones. He has illustrated for different magazines, such as The Scientist, Nylon and Rolling Stone.

2. The Comparison:

When you compare Camille’s illustrations with Brian’s you can very quickly notice the large difference in their work. Camille’s work is simple and small whereas Brian looks at using bright backgrounds and a mixture of colours. Both of the two illustrators have completely different target audiences as well. Camille targets smaller independent companies that include toddler merchandise and children’s clothing but Brian’s target audience includes a much larger audience as well as being an older audience. It is very clear that Brian’s illustrations are more mature and aim to capture you attention whereas Camille’s illustrations are just there for simple enjoyment.

3. Inspirational Illustration and the Audience: 

Raquel Aparicio is a popular illustrator who’s work is extremely different and peculiar. An illustration that is one of my favourites is this:

guitarra_822This illustration was used as an advertisement for guitars. The target audience large, ranging from young adults all the way up to elderly people. This media is presented both online and in magazines. I think it works well and is extremely effective as it is something out of the ordinary it is slightly humorous and reminds me of something out of a Dr Seus book.



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