Artist Turns Things into Mandalas – Inspiration

  • This self taught artist called Lynn Becker turned her once plain stairs into intricate and colourful mandalas.

This artist is inspiring at it showcases how ordinary products can successfully turned into something artistic and aesthetically pleasing. Things like plain tote bags or plain notebooks could be turned into something for interesting and this artist has definitely inspired me into trying something like that for this Design to Sell project.

  • Another artist that has taken mandalas and developed them in an unusual way is artist Zuzana Ziakova. She is inspired by the nature around her and showcases this by painting small mandala inspired designs onto stones and pebbles, she shows that even a stone can be art.
  • An artist who goes by the name of Ash decorates animal bones and skulls to honour life and loss. He lets the lines flow naturally and does not plan the pattern.
  • An artist that is able to effectively create mandalas without actually drawing them is called Karala Wallace, she creates mandalas through fruit and vegetables after photographing them. She is able to beautifully manipulate the image to create a geometrical mandala.

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