Price, Product, Place & Promotion

Before creating my product I first created a survey on survey monkey where I asked questions regarding products and price. 60% of the responses to the survey indicated that their favourite stationary item to purchase was a notebook. The next step I took was to find out the sizing of the notebook that I was going to sell. 60% stated that A5 was best suited to them whilst 40% agreed it was A4. 80% of my survey responses preferred paperback notebooks as opposed to hardback. The final research into the product that I decided to do was involving the paper inside the notebook. 70% of the responses would rather a notebook that had plain paper inside rather than lined.

After obtaining all this useful information and starting to create the designs for my A5 plain paper notebook I decided to also create a survey based on pricing the product. 80% of the responses agreed to pay between £4 and £5 for a notebook and 20% agreed on £5-£10.

Once I created my final three notebook designs I started to research on the aspect of place and in the future if I was to sell handmade items what would be the ideal place to sell them. After researching into various different online markets I decided that websites such as Etsy and Notonthehighstreet were best suited to my style and price market. As well as selling online platforms such a pop up shops and christmas markets would also be an ideal location for my products.

Promotion is probably one of the most important sides of marketing in the art business as it is the only way to successfully get your name out there as it is the business of communicating with customers. After experimenting with different promotional activities I believe that social media is the most successful platform. I have decided that Instagram is the most powerful promotional platform as it incorporates hash tagging which makes it easier to target a certain audience. It is also useful in the sense that it is extremely visual making it easy to attract customers.


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