Art For Social Action

After researching more into the prospect of art and social change I have realised that artist can make a huge impact on the way we see the world and therefore hopefully making a step towards changing it.

An organisation that showcases artists abilities to make a difference is one called Art for Social Change. It was originally initiated by a man called Rini Hartman who after working and travelling around countries such as Brazil, Kenya and Sierra Leone he gained a deep respect for indigenous cultures and lives. He also became aware that by just telling stories of what he had seen would not have the desired effect on his audience which is what then brought in the concept of using art to communicate on a deeper level.

One of the projects that stood out to me was one aimed at clean forests and energy titled “Oil; At what cost?” This mixed media image shows that the natural beauty of Ecuador cannot shine through when it is drowning in oil (shown in the top half of the image)




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