Project Proposal

Currently 36,000 elephants are killed every year for their ivory. At this rate it is expected that elephants have only 12 years remaining to enjoy their natural home. The demand for ivory has been going on for nearly a decade which has fuelled a detrimental poaching crisis. Researching this matter further has prompted me to take an action and by using my art give a voice to the elephants. Through my research I have also learnt just how effective art can be towards making a change, through both social media and public display using art inflicts a different perspective on the matter and impacts the viewers on a larger scale. Following more research into artists who create non profit artwork to inflict education on a crisis has motivated me to use materials that I wouldn’t normally use such as watercolours combined with ink.  
For this project I aim to produce a piece of work that incorporates both beauty and melancholy to create a memorable impression on the viewers. For this project to be successful I have decided to use my artwork and combine it with video footage of elephants taken from Kenya which I will film to create and merge a mixed media composition. I have planned to use watercolour for the elephant artwork incorporated with ink to add a depth of detail. I aim to produce illustrations that showcase the magnificence of elephants as well as the importance of preventing the distinction of these animals. After experimenting with multiple final outcomes I plan to select my strongest pieces and integrate them as still images amongst the moving video of elephants. I aim to create a short film approximately three to four minutes long and at the end of the video include various links to elephant organisations so that the viewer is able to gather more information and hopefully help towards the cause. I will then upload the final footage onto youtube as I believe this is the most accessible website, then post links of the video onto various different social media outlets to advertise the short video as well as contacting organisations that could possibly share my work to create more awareness.   
Following my research and decision to make the importance of elephants the sole purpose of this social action project I am convinced that using art will be the most effective approach. I believe that watercolours in particular will be successful with this work as it has a soft tone to showcase the kindness within the elephants as well as the innocence of the animals. By integrating moving images with still artwork I imagine will create something visually interesting with a different perspective on the topic, it will make the final piece look more raw and personal instead of just showing another video of an elephant.

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