Social Action Research – Slides

Illustration –  Pencil & Help

Founded in 2013, Pencil & Help is an illustrative collaboration group that creates socially engaging designs. The group consists of Mark Oliver and Mark Long who are both passionate about using art to make a difference.

One of their projects included workshops in which patients of Sheffield Children’s Hospital created a series of images using various medias. Ten of these creations were then evolved into a collection of large scale vinyl illustrations. Not only did these designs brighten up the hospital walls they also developed into the creation of an activity book for the children.

Graphic Design – Joseph Kony (Kony 2012)

Kony is the leader of the LRA (Lords Resistance Army),

Guerilla group that originated from Uganda.

The LRA is a heterodox Christian cult, meaning they don’t
conform with traditional Christian methods or practice.

Kony has been accused of multiple war crimes, including
the abduction and armament of children. Some children
were pushed into human trafficking and slavery.

The Invisible Children group started a social action to get the US military involved in an operation to apprehend Kony, this involved a lot of propaganda around major cities around the planet.

Game Arts – The RSA

The RSA is an organisation which uses art and design to change the public’s perception of a social subject or society.

The RSA was founded in 1754 and has won awards such as: The Albert Medal and, The Benjamin Franklin Award by promoting social positive change through art and design.maxresdefault


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