Wildlife Videos Promoting Change

Because I decided that producing a video would be the most effective way to showcase my social action project I thought I would research into other various wildlife videos that promote change and conservation successfully.

  • Firstly I watched the documentary released in November 2016 called The Ivory Game. This piece of work was produced by wildlife activists who are part of The Big Life Foundation. The documentary follows a team who aim to save the elephants targeted by poachers as well as following the trade line of ivory all the way to the black markets in china. This documentary showcases the raw hostility of what is happening as well as creating awareness of how to lead to a positive change. fb_image_updated

  • Another video that stood out to me most when doing my research was a documentary created by national geographic titled The History of The Ivory Trade. The reason I think this video was very effected was because of all the shocking statistics included. The film explores the history of the ivory trade and the resulting devastation of Africa’s elephant population—from 26 million elephants in 1800 to fewer than one million today. The clip examines factors that fuelled the “ivory frenzy” of the early 1900s and documents the steady and startling decline in the elephant population.

  • A short video that also relates to my social action project is effective because it is an illustrated animated video, similar to what I aim to include in my project. This video is an independent project uploaded to youtube titled Last Days Film and takes you an educational journey teaching you about the cruelty in ivory trade.


  • 100 Years of Nature Conservation is a documentary film telling the story of The Wildlife Trusts. From its inception as the Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves in 1912 under the leadership of Charles Rothschild, to the birth of the local conservation movement after WWII. This is an effective documentary and extremely inspirational as it shows you the progress we have made and that changes can happen with the right attitude and organisations. It is a positive documentary that includes all nature and wildlife.

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