Wildlife Filmmakers

  • Justin Jay:

“I have recently finished my first film and it is a conservation awareness film about the drill monkey. It is an educational film for the people of Equatorial Guinea showing them the beauty of their wildlife and the importance of biodiversity. It is told from their perspective and narrated in Spanish by a native Guinean. I would love to make more films like this in the future, films that share a conservation message with the people directly involved with those issues.”


  • Madelaine Westwood:

The Great Apes Film Initiative (GAFI), set up by Madelaine Westwood in 2005, uses the power of film and other media in the service of conservation.

  • Paul Redman

His work has involved directing, filming and editing a variety of short films for advocacy on a range of issues including the international illegal trade in tiger parts, the whale and dolphin trade, illegal logging and the ivory trade.

  • Mike Pandey

Mike Pandey is one of India’s foremost wildlife and environmental filmmakers with over 300 national and international awards. Several of his films, such as Shores of Silence, The Last Migration, Broken Wings and The Timeless Traveller, to name a few, have been directly instrumental in bringing about legislative changes to protect species such as whale sharks, elephants, vultures and horse-shoe crabs.



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