Developing My Watercolour Ideas

After researching into various different watercolour techniques I feel more confident with my experiments as I’m able to apply my ideas in unusual ways to make my work on elephants visually interesting.


  1. DRY – Watercolour is a water based medium, you can manipulate the darkness and saturation depending on how much water is added. Working dry to wet gives me more control.
  2. WET – Adding more water to the pigment transforms the paint into a much softer colour and is far more easy to blend.
  3. LIGHT TO DARK – Anything you’re keeping white or light in a painting needs to stay that way for the whole duration of the work so working light to dark is very important.
  4. SPLAT TECHNIQUE – To add action to a watercolour painting such as water spray or floating dust. Pulling back the bristles with your finger and then letting them snap back will give you this result.
  5. SPONGE – This is simply sponging your paint on the paper to get a dappled effect.
  6. BLOOM – To bleed shades together you need a good amount of water.
  7. WATER DROP – Dropping bits of water onto wet pigments achieves this abstract look.
  8. SCRUMBLE – Creates soft hues of layered pigment.
  9. LIFTING COLOUR – Use clear water and paint over and then dry brush to lift.

I decided to first experiment with the scrumble technique with dark colours to focus on the different tones. I found the result of this very effective as seen below but because the outcome was so simplistic I then decided to combine some ink in the following design and achieved something entirely different.


I then looked at D. WILLIAMSWOOD’s artwork and intrigued to start experimenting with some brighter abstract colours. Williamswood applies his watercolour quite erratically with minimal blending which makes his result unusual and interesting. I started by just painting colour rather than the shape of the elephant to practice before attempting a large shape of an elephants head, I was very happy with the final result.


I then decided to experiment with watercolour combined with collage to see what I could achieve. I worked with the two colours of the blue shade and the orange shade as I felt these contrasted effectively. After combining the two shades in a collage form I decided to add further detail by doing a simplistic mandala like design in white ink on the elephant.



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