Pencil Artists

Richard Symonds:

Richard’s passion and commitment to wildlife spans back over 20 years. He has been actively involved with raising large sums of money and awareness for wildlife through the sale and auction of his original paintings, drawings and limited edition prints. He has done a large amount of charity work for animal organisations such as The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (The company I worked with in December for my project) as well as The Born Free Foundation. His work is mostly pencil based as he works with lots of light shading. His elephant drawings are most intriguing as he is able to successfully capture the essence of an elephants texture just through pencil. 


Gary Hodges:

Gary Hodges is the UK’s best selling and most collectable pencil artist, an impressive accolade for a self-taught and self-published artist. The huge demand for Gary’s limited edition prints has led to a lucrative secondary market, rewarding collectors with more than just the beauty of his drawings.

His enthusiastic collectors have supported him throughout his career. This popularity has enabled him to follow his heart and support charities dear to him. Through his wildlife art well over half a million pounds has been given back to protect the wildlife he feels so passionate about.

Although Hodges work is slightly similar to that of Symonds I believe it captures a bit more drama and the drawings stand out a bit more as he uses a darker pencil.


Chris N Rochrbach:

This artist is very different to the two wildlife artists I have been researching. His art work is a lot more simplistic an abstract. He clearly uses harsh abrupt lines instead of detailed blending. This art is visually interesting because of how raw and unusual it is.

Nick Laferriere: 

Nick is an artist that focuses on drawing bones. His drawings are extremely details and accurate but what is different about this artist is his ability to draw white on black. This method stands out very effectively and captures the tone of his dark artwork successfully.



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