Experimenting with Watercolour In Contrast with Pencil

After researching into different pencil techniques I decided to apply them on my elephant sketches. I drew out an elephant trunk and instead of roughly shading in the design I decided to use a combination of stippling as well as scumbling shading and was very happy with the results.


I then decided that although the pencil is very detailed it creates quite a dark tone and feeling to the design so I decided I wanted to contrast with a loose and bright wash of watercolour coming out of the trunk. The results were very vibrant and created an entirely different atmosphere which I was very pleased with.

After experimenting with the way the watercolour would come out of the trunk I decided to design the elephant that would be spraying the colour. I first started with a rough shading of pencil which I felt looked incomplete so after I added in detail using ink which was very effective.


I also then went ahead with experimenting with exactly how I wanted to watercolour to be applied. I firstly added salt to wet blue colour which created a blotching tie dye like effect. I then worked with using a rough technique leaving bits of white before using a brush to flick at the page making splat like effects. For the third experiment I kept it very simple and wanted to see what it would be like if I applied the colour with lots of water. For the final one I wanted to have a speckled effect with two different colours. I think the two most successful techniques were the first two.




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