For this project we were asked to create a final piece based on a social action concern. I decided to focus on creating a mixed media video on elephants. This was definitely an unusual task that I had set up for myself as I normally just aim to produce small detailed illustrations but I felt that combining them with a documentary film would be even more successful.

I started off the project by researching into the raw facts and figures of the ivory trade and the crisis of elephant poaching. This gave me a great insight into the cause that I wanted to create awareness for and lead me into different ideas to include in my final piece, such as wanting to try and show how innocent and vunerable elephants are. I decided in this project to do a lot of research into other organisations or artists who had explored social action in nature and made a difference with their work. Artists such as Philippe Echaroux not only inspired me but also taught me how powerful art can be and this motivated me further to give a voice to the elephants. From watching various animal documentaries I was able to develop my ideas even more and obtain an understanding of different cinematography techniques. Looking back though I wish I had spent more time on this and made use of Lynda website and taught myself more techniques in terms of editing and media.

Never the less I believe the research on artist technique for my illustrations was extremely successful. Initially I did not expect my art work for this piece to go down such a bright colour scheme route. I started off wanting to focus on the true colours and textures of the elephant but that changed when I looked into abstract watercolour. The artist D. Williamswood creates silhouette work using bright watercolours and after recreating his work for experimentation this is what I decided to carry on with. I believe that the bright colours shows the happiness, innocence and freedom of elephants.

I am very happy with my overall film and it was exactly what I wanted to achieve. There are definitely aspects that I wish I had improved on in terms of timing and range within the film but considering I have never properly edited on iMovie I believe I did what I could. I was also pleased with my final outcome illustrations that I integrated into the film, but next time I would like to explore more of a range of mediums instead of just focusing on watercolour, ink and pencil. For my next project I would like to create a piece of work on a much larger scale which a combination of unusual mediums that I wouldn’t normally use.


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