Final Major Project Initial Ideas & Thoughts

After reading through the final major project assignment I straight away thought it would be a great opportunity to progress further with my freelance work, selling on etsy and entrepreneurial skills . This FMP has given me the freedom to create my own project, it is the perfect chance to develop my skills further in the area that I plan to focus on after completing this course. As I am already selling items on my etsy page such as tote bags, prints and cards I thought I would use this project as an opening to learn more about marketing and branding of my products as well as going out of my comfort zone and creating products I would not normally create.


For this FMP my main idea is to produce a variety of work and products to sell as a pop up shop at the summer show. I believe this will be a great time to research more into the world of selling art products. I want to create a product using my style but on a background I would not normally use and is quite unusual such as wood or card.

I also want to make sure that the final pieces of this project really reflect my style of art and I am able to create my own method for myself and creating these products.


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