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Generating Ideas Using Mini Briefs in different illustration genres

  1. Design and Packaging – designs for a boring product that deserves quirky illustrations.

Strawberry Jam Jar:


Reflecting Points:

  • I enjoyed making this inanimate fruit come alive and make a character out of it.
  • I think the colour combination and contrast is effective, making it bright.
  • Childlike animation
  • I believe by using this quirky illustration the jar seems more friendly and stands out.
  • I decided to add a dark outline to the strawberry as it makes it more bold.


2. Advertising: Decorative merchandising: H&M ad campaign for the glass panels on the shop front advertising latest spring/summer


Reflecting Points:

  • I enjoyed creating the design for these panels because it was an abstract task.
  • I decided to draw mandala like patterns up the side of the glass as the intricate designs contrast very effectively with the bold standard and simple H&M font.
  • I picked two very different neon toned colours as I thought these were bright enough to represent and draw people in for their new spring and summer collection.


3. Editorial: Magazine Illustration, find an article in Varoom to reimagine, you must use a visual metaphor.

Article: Wellbeing Approaches –


Reflecting Points:

  • I wanted to make this design very minimal and sketchy as that is not something I normally do.
  • The metaphor of wellbeing is illustrated using the fruit and the whole design is supposed to show that we a filled up with healthy food now similar to a wellbeing.
  • I didn’t particularly enjoy doing this mini brief as I don’t really enjoy editorial but it is still interesting.



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