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Wooden Product Ideas

As I have decided to take my work a step further and produce designs onto wood I realise that I have the extensive opportunity to choose from such a wide range of wooden products to use.

Some of my favourites are:

  • Bowl
  • Cup
  • Serving paddle board
  • Tray
  • Wall art piece
  • Frame
  • Boxes
  • Coasters

I think the most effective for this project would be a serving paddle board as well as key-rings and maybe cups. I believe that a selection of these three products offer a wide variety in terms of items to buy as they are not similar in any way. Because I would also like to use white ink/paint to illustrate my designs onto the wood I think my best option would be to go for a darker wood as this would enhance the effect of the white. MINWAX-Wood_Stains_Chart.wood_tones.png

The wood shades that would be ideal would be either vermont maple, english oak, coffee or american walnut.


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