FMP – Project Proposal & Project Plan


Section 1: Review 
Having the opportunity to create my own concept during the final major project is going to be productive as well as challenging; Being given this responsibility has encouraged me to reflect on the past two years as I want to be able to include each quality that I have learnt whilst incorporating new ideas. Additionally having this freedom within the FMP has given me the chance to expand on my style and constitute a brand for myself. I think these next three months is a considerable amount of time to master the skill of designing to sell and studying the expertise needed within an artist career. I believe that this project will give me the experience and knowledge of what is expected in the real world in terms of producing products for an artistic market, it is bringing in the prospect of learning and having the capability to advertise my work and make a mark with my art within social media and this gives me the enthusiasm to strive for the best results for the final summer show.
Section 2: Project Concept 
For the final major project I aim to produce a selection of products to sell at the end summer show. As I am already progressing with my art on social media I feel that I could use this project to research more into the online world of advertising and learn a considerable amount on marketing my style and artwork. I have decided to use my ink work and apply the designs onto wooden products such as key rings, cups and serving boards. I have researched into obtaining the resources of wood from the etsy website as this is an affordable platform that also caters towards supplying artists with tools. I can then add the mandala style ink work onto these products to sell and plan to experiment on scrap wood to establish an ideal colour and texture of wood. As I normally work using black ink I am determined to approach this idea differently and use lighter ink and white. During the process of designing and producing work on these products I will also be working towards logo and label design for my brand as well as product pricing and advertisement. Before the summer show I intend on developing my skills with ink and researching into different work produced on wood as well as small artists who work towards selling their art pieces at pop up shops. I look forward to learning from different artists’ style as well as expanding on my own.   
Section 3: Evaluation 
This project is predominantly giving me the possibility to really strengthen my abilities in the area I aspire to develop in and I feel this will be beneficial for me in the future. For this project I also expect to learn an extensive amount on creating a career out of my work and am of the opinion that this final major project will help me do so. By choosing to work with different materials such as wood combined with white ink will also push me out of my comfort zone and expand my skill range. I think this project will be extensive as well as helpful regarding my future.

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