Project Action Plan & Timetable


Project Action Plan and Timetable
Week Date Week


Activity / What you are intending to do – including independent study Resources / What you will need to do it – including access to workshops
1 01.03.2017 Start brainstorming ideas, including mood boards and mind maps. Write a blog post with initial idea. Start on your project proposal. blog, sketchbook
2 08.03.2017 Pitch project proposal for feedback. Start working on this timeplan and working out a schedule for research, complete bibliography plan for research. Think about what you hope to achieve from this project, skills etc. google drive project proposal
3 15.03.2017 Begin researching on different wood products and where to buy them. Start pricing them on different websites and work out overall budget for summer show. maths
3 16.03.2017 Research into artists that work and paint or draw on wood. Learn the process of drawing on wood, start obtaining scrap bits of wood that are different in texture and colour. Complete time plan and bibliography. scrap wood
3 17.03.2017 Hand in project proposal
4 22.03.2017 Research more on Mandala artists and different techniques. The history of mandalas and meditation and what you want your project to stand for. Also research into artists that specialise in ink. research plan, blog
5 29.03.2017 Research into markets and selling on etsy. Successful strategies and different ways to sell items. Look at artists who sell things as well as big online stores that act as markets. research plan, blog
5 30.03.2017 Group Crits for feedback
6 05.04.2017 Easter Break – in Kenya. Look at different markets in kenya and blog and take pictures of the variety and the successful ones.
7 12.04.2017 Easter Break – in Kenya. Blog your opinion on products in different areas and culture within products. Include photos of kenyan local products – hand drawn or handmade. kenyan markets, camera, blog
8 19.04.2017 Start experimenting with different designs in sketchbook, initially using black ink to work out design and dimensions. Reflect on previous work on instagram and see what you need to change. sketchbook
9 26.04.2017 Start experimenting using white ink on scrap card board or wood to work out how to draw on a different material and keep looking and different artists to learn from technique. scrap cardboard or wood
10 03.05.2017 Find the exact wooden products I want to use to add the designs to and purchase them to enable enough time for delivery. etsy, wood resources site
10 04.05.2017 Start marking out the dimensions on the wood for the designs and begin drawing in ink on the products. blog, wood products, ink
11 10.05.2017 Continue drawing on the products and documenting progress on my blog. wood products, blog
12 17.05.2017 Start researching and reading up on marketing art work and the power of social media, include evidence of this on blog including instagram. research plan
13 24.05.2017 Research on branding and advertisement, start working out a plan for the branding of your products. research plan, blog
14 07.06.2017 Start drawing and planning out your logo using designs and get labels printed out for your products. vistaprint
14 08.06.2017 Start thinking about and drawing out thumbnails for possible lay out of your shop.
15 14.06.2017



Add labels to products and organise pricing and logos and start the summer show set up.
Hand final piece in.
Final Deadline.
labels, products

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