Wood Type & Product Research

Learning the Pros and Cons of the Different Types of wood available: 

  • Pine:

Inexpensive, lightweight wood with a slight yellowish colour with brown knots. Pros: low cost, takes paint and ink well. Cons: it’s quite a soft wood so is prone to dents and scratches.


  • Cherry:

It’s a reddish brown hardwood. Pros: good contrast to white ink, it has a rich colour. Cons: it’s expensive and sometimes the colour changes.


  • Maple:

Creamy white hardwood, it is one of the hardest wood there is. Pros: affordable and durable. Cons: it is a very light coloured wood so white ink may not show up effectively but if I was to use a darker colour ink this could work.


  • Oak:

This is a hard wood that tends to have a lot of grain. Oak is often used in arts & crafts. Pros: It is very durable and has a distinctive look, dark but not too dark. Cons: Can sometimes look two toned and uneven and is not as affordable as other woods. oak-wood-1_300.jpg

  • Walnut

This is a dark wood that ranges from chocolate brown to yellow. It is a straight grained hardwood that is often oiled. Pros: Very strong with a beautiful colour. Cons: the oil could make it difficult to design onto.


Overall I think that I would much prefer to go for a wood that is slightly on the darker scale as I want to focus on using white ink. I have also researched a bit more into maple and have read that it is possible to buy maple that has been dyed darker so this may be the best option as it is a very affordable wood. Another wood that looked like a good option was oak because it has a rustic effect and is fairly dark.

Sourcing The Wood:

After researching into the various different varieties of wood I now need to look at sourcing the products that I wish to produce my designs on to. As etsy is a platform aimed to not only sell artists’ products but also sells materials for which artists’ are able to utilise to produce their own work. Here are a variety of different products on offer that I could possibly buy:

1. These key rings are spalted beech and as you can see have an interesting combination of colours. It is also relatively dark making it an ideal surface for the white ink. The price for one of these key rings is £2.50 and the dimensions are 3.3cm x 3.3cm x 5mm. (For ref. this product is sold by Cottage coppicing) il_570xN.952014530_ockk

2. These next key rings are driftwood which I really the idea of. However as you can see the wood looks very uneven so I don’t that drawing on it will have the desired effect. The price for one of these is £1.75 and the dimensions are 50mm x 30mm approx. (For ref. this product is sold by MacKazOnTheWall


3. These oak wood key rings have a natural finish. The dimensions are 7cm x 2cm and the price for one is £0.99 which is extremely affordable. The only downfall is the size of the product as it has a very small width. (Ref. WalshWoodCrafts)


4. I was able to find some bigger key rings but in the same oak wood. The dimensions of these are 60mm x 35mm and the price for one is £1.89. The wood however doesn’t look as rustic as number 3. (Ref.StoakedLimitedil_570xN.1118739392_gz82.jpg

5. This final option is made from sapele hardwood. Its has a cherry wood like colour so is very dark. The dimensions are (10cm x 4.5cm) and the price for one is £1 so it is very cheap. (Ref. WalshWoodCrafts)


For the next wooden product I would like to go slightly larger and produce my designs onto serving boards/chopping boards.

  1. The first website I found an ideal serving board was a gourmet website specialising in the quality of their products. The paddle board that I found is made out of oak and is 21cm across costing £5.99 which for what it is I think is affordable.


2. This next board was sourced from fishers catering supplies and it is 30cm x 14 cm and costs £5.53 which is a bit cheaper and the colour of the wood is great but does not have the paddle that I am looking for but it still has a very interesting shape.


3. I went and had a look at Matalan’s homeware site and was able to find a serving paddle board that is £6.00, however it is a very light bamboo wood so the white ink may not show up as effectively.


Even though I would preferably like to produce my designs onto these two wooden products (key rings and serving boards) I decided to look through etsy anyway for inspiration and other possible products which (if time is in my favour) I could produce designs onto as well.

1. This wooden frame is made out of recycled pallets and is of a very deep brown colour. Its got a interesting texture with dimensions of 8 x 6cm and the frame cost £10 each which is quite expensive.


2. I struggled to find affordable wooden boxes to buy but the few that I found are made of a very light and soft wood which is not ideal for me. But if I was to decide to use darker ink then this could be an idea. The little keepsake box costs £3.30 and is 6cm in diameter.


3. These wooden coasters would be a great idea to draw on as it would really brighten up the wood. These rustic coasters are recycled dark oak and are 4inch square. They cost £5 each though which is fairly expensive for what it is.



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