Action Plan to Include Grade Criteria Exemplification

1. Distinction Level for Context:

For this area I need to make clear what the purpose of my project is so in terms of selling products I need to state that I want to create products that are eco, i.e made from recycled wood and canvas. I would also like to portray that products don’t need to be sold at unaffordable prices if they are sourced from the right places so I would also need to explain that my target audience is absolutely everyone as I want to them to be affordable products.

2. Distinction Level for Research:

As this area is so extensive and continuous throughout the project I will need to make sure that I am keeping on top of finding a range of sources and developing different interpretations and ideas from concepts I have learnt. For example I would like to research into the area of marketing and social media but I need to be sure I include my own opinions and development and can evidence this in blog posts.

3. Distinction Level for Problem Solving:

In the project I will need to effectively solve problems within my ideas and development. The solving will also need to incorporate creativity. This could be done through working on the budget for the show and including any problems I encounter and ways in which I avoid them, such as making sure I source affordable products. I could also include the problems I may have with trying to draw on a different surface with ink as normally I am very familiar with drawing on paper but as I am now working on wood I will need to make sure I learn properly and conquer any material problems creatively.

4. Distinction Level for Planning and Production:

To do well in this area I must evaluate constantly on my progress and aims and any changes that have needed to be made. I will also need to include evidence that I am committed to every aspect of this project and showcase the passion I have through my independent planning of the pop up shop.

5. Distinction Level for Practical Skills:

For this area I will need to show extensive development of ideas and techniques. It would also be good to include evidence of learning new skills such as drawing on wood and learning how to create a brand out of my work. I will also need to show evidence of imaginative new ideas constantly within my processes.

6. Distinction Level for Evaluation and Reflection:

I will have to show my interpretation and analysis of this project and showcase the decision making I have had to have done throughout. My evaluation should be professional and strong.

7. Distinction Level for Presentation:

As I will be working mostly on my blog for this project and having drawings and ideas in my sketchbook I will need to make sure there is a large selection and range of different aspects of my development. I need to keep everything easy to follow as well as professional and creative.





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