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Working On The Overall Budget For the Summer Show (Maths work and problem solving)

For the summer show my overall aim money wise is to make sure I at least cover all the costs that I will initially be spending. To do so I will need to work on a tight budget and make sure the products I source are equally of good price and good quality.

The key rings that I would like to purchase cost £0.99 and ideally I would like to purchase 5 or 6 if I make a mistake. So this would cost me £5.94. I would then like to price each of these key rings at the summer show to cost £2.50 each, and if all sell that will give me an overall of £15 for the key rings which is a profit of £9.

The serving paddle board that I have sourced costs £5.99 and I would like to purchase 3 of these which will cost me £17.97. To cover the cost and make a profit I could easily sell these boards for £10 which will give me £30, a profit of £12.

I would then hopefully like to include labels for the boards which I can get made on vista print for about £6 for 10, so I will have leftovers for future items.

I am hoping to also include some canvas pouches with the design of the world map on which cost me £5.30 to get each printed which will cost me £27.50 for 5. I would then like to sell these pouches for £12 each which would give me £60 and a profit of £32.50.

If I decide to include business card which I think is a good idea it will cost me £8 for 100 which is a good investment to make.

Initially for the summer show the funds that I require will be £65.41

And if I am able sell everything I will be looking at making £105 which is a profit of £39.59 overall.


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