Artist Research – Drawing and Designing onto Wood

  • Graphic Designer Clint Reid decided to take a break from illustrating and creating designs on paper and computers and try produce them onto wood. He uses 2 foot long pieces of birch wood to draw on. He starts by sanding down the wood before careful drawing his illustrations with ink and then adding watercolour.

Reid’s illustrations become even more interesting than usual when produced on wood because of the variation of texture in contrast with the simplistic lines of black ink. I think that his drawings become more alive and visually entertaining to look at.


  • Another artist who draws using ink onto wood is Spanish designer Vasco Maourão who now focuses on creating intricate never ending ink drawings on architecture on wooden cut out loops. The project is called Ouraborus with a result of drawings flowing into each other in a surreal manner. Vasco starts by cutting and shaping a variety of ply wood before letting himself draw as much as he can, covering the entire surface of the wood. “Departing from my traditional medium of pen and paper, this is a new line of work that lies between a sculpture and a two dimensional drawing,” He says as well as stating that “By working on plywood, these pieces are freed from the typical frame and the physical limits of the pieces are integral part of the work.”
  • mister-mourao-architectural-drawings-2mister-mourao-architectural-drawings-3mister-mourao-architectural-drawings-5mister-mourao-architectural-drawings-8
  • Blake Carter an illustrator who started out drawing rough sketches of people and pedestrians. He then progressed into printing his drawings out which then lead him to printing them out onto a surface he had never used: wood. By using this wood panel I think he was able to create a successful frame and it made the pice and pattern of his work more interesting. He uses a light coloured wood which is an effective background for his dark imagery as it contrasts very effectively. It is also a very unique piece of art as the messy ink prints are complimented by the pristine papered wood.
  • 1001-pedestrians-with-detail2015-217-scooters-rob-and-janelle-with-detail2016-1974-pedestrians-rose-ink-on-wood-panel-42x60-inches
  • Peter Foucault is another artist working on wood but he produces a range of different pieces of artwork on different materials using a variety of techniques. His work is very abstract and loose sketch like. When he produces his pieces onto paper the texture is very much made up from the materials applied to the surface such as this piece which is created blowing ink on paper.
  •  wip_1.jpg
  • This is very interesting as you can see from when he produces his work using wood it is the completely opposite scenario as the surface now acts as the texture and the material provides the line and pattern.


After looking at these four very different artists it is clear to me that the one thing they have in common is the fact that using wood as their canvas changes their entire theme and visuals. This artist research gives more evidence to my idea that by contrasting ink with wood you are able to achieve a texture and effect that you couldn’t using ordinary paper.


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