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Art On Wood Inspiration (Sourced from Pinterest)

I recently started using pinterest to create moodboards and obtain a new source of inspiration for my artwork. As I never really produced art on wood I decided to look at a variety of artists who did.

  • Artist: Morgana Lamson

With this artwork you can really see that my using a dark wood as your base and a bright white you are able to capture to very contrasting elements which makes the intricacy of the art stand out.



  • Artist: Leslie Willis

This artists work is a little bit different to what I aim to produce as she uses a variety of colour to create more realistic pieces however I find the old driftwood a great surface for this kind of work.


  • Artist: Walnut Hollow

This company specialises in selling wooden slices with either typography or artwork on. They use detailed pen work which is what I will be doing for my project although they use black ink which as you can see is also effective.


  • Artist: Meredith Cook

This artist does something very unique and different by using plant life such as leaves as stencils onto the wood. This makes the wood the art as the background is painted over whilst the leaf is left plain to expose the wooden textures of the fence.


After finding such a variety of different techniques and artists on pinterest I will definitely be using this platform for future researching purposes. These artists have shown me that there are multiple ways to create art onto wood and the possibilities are endless and I would love to include these techniques in future projects.



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