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The First Step I’ve made to make a business out of my work (Freelance)

For the past year I have consistently been posting my artwork on social media (instagram & facebook) It has been a combination of college work as well as personal work. In doing this I have been able to attract various customers for commission work, one of which I would like to include in my progression with the FMP as I feel it has helped with progression of creating a brand out of myself and artwork. This commission that I have been working on was extremely extensive as the customer wanted to fill her new beach apartment that she would be renting out entirely of my artwork.

Before embarking on the planning and ideas of the pieces of work I was going to create I made sure to have multiple conversations via email about what the customer exactly wanted. She decided on 10 different pieces, that being:

  1. Angel Fish
  2. Crab
  3. Shell
  4. Whale tale
  5. Seahorse
  6. Turtle
  7. Rhino
  8. Giraffe
  9. Elephant
  10. Sable

Here are the images of my final designs:


The customer also wanted me to include a small write up on my artwork and what inspired me so when guests stayed at her apartment they would be able to read up on my work. This is what I decided to do:


This little freelance job has made me realise just how much I want to carry on creating work in my own unique style and continue posting and branding myself online as it is evident that I have been successful and am already attracting customers. I think I can definitely learn from this commission and apply to my FMP as it has really taught me how to manage my time as I was doing this work alongside college work. It has also taught me how to deal with customers regarding emails and general conversation. I am really happy with the final results and the customer is too!


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