Creating A Survey ‘Pop Up Shops in the Creative Market’

Questions to include:

  1. Have you ever been to a pop up shop selling art/crafts/handmade items?

  2. Have you ever purchased from a pop up shop?

  3. Have you ever purchased arts/crafts/handmade items from an online store?

  4. What reason would attract you to buy from a local pop-up most? 

  5. Do you prefer to buy arts/crafts/handmade items online or in a pop-up shop?

  6. How old are you?

I believe that these questions will provide me with interesting information into the pop up shop world and creative scene.

After receiving 15 responses to the survey I decided to analyse the results and this is what I came back with:

  1. 60% answered Yes & 40% answered No
  2. 50% answered Yes & 50% answered No
  3. 80% answered Yes & 20% answered No
  4. 80% said it was ‘a chance to buy something unique/original’ 15% said it was to ‘support the local creative scene’ & 5% said it was to ‘interact with new artists’
  5. 50% answered both, 30% answered online and 20% answered pop – up shop. 
  6. 60% answered 18-24, 35% answered 25-35 & 5% answered 50+

It is clear that after looking through these results that it is not as common as I thought for people to attend pop up shops, however those that have attended a majority have purchased products which is a good sign! Most people that took the survey have bought arts and crafts online as I suppose this a more accessible platform as not everyone knows where and when a pop up store is happening. Majority of the people agreed that buying from a pop up shop gave them the chance to buy something unique or original. A few people said it was the support the local creative scene. This has provided me with the information that I need to produce products that you can’t typically source in a high street store as that would not be the purpose of coming to a pop up shop.


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