Over the pas few years I have definitely noticed a dramtic increase in the number of pop up shops. Nowadays they are everywhere, a large example would be the lanes in Brighton or Camden Market. It is becoming more and more popular to host pop up shops to promote your artwork or website (etsy). I decided to do a bit of research and found EE’s Pop Up Retail Economy Report which gave a lot of information on the timeline of pop up retailing. This timeline goes to show that there is a huge market for this profession and companies and freelance artist are using this platform effectively.


Early 1990s – Farmer markets begin to appear in the UK & USA.

1999 – Vacant develops the concept of pop up retail by launching a temporary store in Los Angeles.

2003 – Vacant opens their second store in New York City, while Target, an american retail company, opens a store selling women’s clothing by designer Isaac Mizrahi.

2004 – Comme des Garcons, a japanese fashion label launches a ‘Guerilla shop’ for one year in Berlin.

2006 – Nike opens a pop up shop selling a limited number of shoes for £250.

2011 – Boxpark, a pop up mall in London, opens housing pop up shops that include independent stores as well as well known brands selling goods.

2013 – Appear Here, the largest online market place for short term retail space, works with landlords to provide short term leases for pop up stores.

2014 – Old Street Underground Station, London, is regenerated and starts housing pop up shops.


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