An interview with Rosie Drake-Knight (Native Makers)

After researching into some different makers markets including Native Makers I decided to contact Rosie who started up the whole business to see if I could ask her a few questions.

These are the questions I asked with her responses below:

1. What was your main motivation whilst starting up Native Makers?
I had just moved to Plymouth from Falmouth, which has a strong independent and creative scene. I was really struggling to find like minded people; having just started my business and moved to a new place I felt quite lonely. There were no *quality* creative platforms of communities for makers here, so I decided to start one myself.
2. Have you always wanted to be part of a creative business or is this something that you did not expect?
Yes, I always knew that I wanted a creative career. I love to build projects and the skills I have learnt running my personal womenswear accessories business go hand in hand with Native Makers.
3. What are some of the challenges you have encountered whilst selling your products?
Financing creativity is difficult. I am not yet at a stage where I can support myself with my wages from my businesses alone. I work at PCA part time to pay the bills – i’m lucky to be a part of an energetic and exciting college that supports and inspires my practice.
4. What do you think makes a great market and/or pop up shop?
Quality and consistency is key. Research other events that have achieved similar to what you aim to achieve. PR is a massive part of running an event – the event could be amazing, but it is not successful if no one shows up!
5. What do you think is the best part about a creative career?
Freedom to do what you enjoy. Waking up in the morning and having a new task every day. The thrill of the chase and the satisfaction when a you complete a successful project.
I am really glad that I was able to have these questions answered by Rosie as it provided me with a helpful insight into the creative business world and has definitely motivated me even more to produce high quality products and Rosie’s ability and courage to start up her own business has really inspired me with my work.

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