Selling Online (Markets/Pop up shops)

Although pop up shops are becoming increasingly more common and popular artists and makers are additionally putting their products online. “An online business offers an unparalleled opportunity to run a business worldwide with only a laptop and Internet connection.” (Kimanzi Constable, 2015) I have decided to have a look at different platforms that offer the option to sell your products and the benefits of each website.


Etsy is an online market place where you can buy handmade and unique items. The website is eleven years old with millions of different products. The platform offers an opportunity to first time sellers to start and manage their business. Etsy aim to support creative entrenpenuers and have created a website that is both authentic and effective. I started selling some of my prints on etsy this time last year and it has been an extremely helpful website that teaches you to manage your business as well as learn from others sellers such as:

Nicola Jane Rowles: sells contemporary art and homeware using prints from her watercolour pieces. Even though she is based in Cornwall she has been able to reach people all over the world and sell products to people who wouldn’t have normally found her. Looking through her page you can see she is doing successfully as she has had over 1,000 sales. I think she is doing well on etsy as her products vary a significant amount in regards to price. Some of her products don’t cost more than £4 if you can’t afford too much but then some of her original paintings cost up to £180 having such different prices you are able to target all kinds of audiences.


After researching a bit more into strategies and tips for selling on etsy this is what I have learnt:

  • It is all in the name (username) it has to be something simplistic and easy to remember. I have gone for zazdesigns. I am called zaz by a majority of my friends and because it is a short simple but unique name I thought it would be fitting and personal.
  • Branding is an extremely important tip as it is all in the branding. Make sure that all my things such as cover photo, logo and business cards all have the same look so it looks uniform and like a business. You want people to able to recognise your shop.
  • Post the best photos that you can. Etsy offers the option to add 5 pictures for each listing but make sure you add only the good quality photos. First impressions are very important on etsy as the imagery is what sells your products.
  • Think as if you were the customer. When listing an item try and put yourself in your buyers shoes. They will be relying solely on the image and description of the product so make sure it is easy to understand.


This platform is home to hundred and thousands of artists worldwide. On this website you have the option to buy but also upload imagery of your own personal artwork which society 6 then personally print your art onto products to sell. You are a bit less independent with this website as all you have to do is send in your images and then they do the rest. You only get a small percentage of the earnings but is still something fun to do to get your name and artwork out there.

Here are an example of some of the products sold on society6:



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