Step by Step Designing my Mandala

As a reference to help me when transferring the design from this idea onto the wood board using white ink I have decided to photograph my journey of drawing the mandala so I can look back on it and recreate it in the way that I would like.

  • Step 1: I used a compass and ruler to mark out symetrical linesIMG_3023


  • Step 2: I started to mark out with pencil a simple outline of my design to get an idea of how I want it to look without making any permanent decisions. I normally skip this step but I decided to try it out to keep my drawings more accurate and I think it has really improved my style.IMG_3024


  • Step 3: I then draw over the pencil in ink and making sure to rub pencil lines out a long the way, I am using a 0.1 fine pen to the initial outlines.IMG_3025


  • Step 4: I complete the final outline and keep it all simplistic so I can work out where the detail needs to be.IMG_3026


  • Step 5: Finally I add all the different detail using a 0.05 fine line as this contrasts with the thicker outline of the initial design.IMG_3029

I am really happy with the way this design turned out, it is a lot more detailed than normal and by using a smaller fine line I was able to make the small details a lot more intricate. I think that I will be using this or a similar design for my final drawing onto the wood.


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