Drawing on Wood

As I have decided to use white ink onto wood I thought it was time to experiment with different white ink pens to see which was the most successful when used on wood. I first sourced a piece of scrap wood.

  1. For the first experiment I used a uniball white fineliner. The results were not as successful as I would have hoped. The pen was difficult to draw with as it scratched along the wood making the ink come out sporadically.
  2. The second pen I used was a posca paint pen which came out very effectively with great results. It was easy to draw with and is definitely going to be the ink pen that I will be using for the designs. The nib is also fairly thin so detail will still be able to be achieved on the wood.


After practicing some different designs onto wood it is evident that some of the details that I normally include on paper will not be successful when executed onto wood this means that I may have to adjust my style and make some of the spaces more simple. Although I have never drawn on wood I am extremely excited by this new experimentation and could definitely see myself using this in my future projects.



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