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Including The World Map in My Project

As I am aiming to use products that are sustainable and recycled in this project I would really like to include a mandala inspired design of the world map. I believe that by promoting an image of the whole world will bring every viewer together and it stands for being global and sustainable, focusing on the beauty of the world and sustaining it rather than damaging it.

I think that the most ideal product to have the design on would be the canvas bag as this is an entirely eco fabric made out of recycled materials. I think that because the canvas bag is rectangle in shape it would suit having the landscape design printed on.

Using a world map in my final major project was not my first idea but as I have progressed with my research and experimentation I think that including this would really give my project a louder voice on sustainability.

Before designing my world map ideas I have decided to first have a look at different products on pinterest that use world maps to obtain an understanding of the various ranges already out there and how I can create something different with my style:





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