The First Successful Experiment onto Wood

I decided to source a wooden serving paddle from a company called LoveTiki that creates affordable homeware out of recycled products. As it arrived on the weekend I decided after experimenting on scrap wood to have a go on the final product before ordering me incase it didn’t work.


I first started with a pencil and compass to mark out the initial symmetrical lines and circles for the design, I found it difficult to make it accurate as the circle was not always centred. It took a few tries but I found that measuring and drawing out some lines initially made it easier so I will remember that for next time. I then began to add some of the main mandala outlines using the white ink. It worried me as I knew that if I made a mistake there was not much I could do but I think this made me more careful and the mandala in turn came out more accurate as I really took my time.


I then decided to fill in a bit of the detail to inspire the rest of the design as I went a long. I followed the steps from my previous sketchbook experimentation and this seemed to have really helped me. I made the decision to take out some of the initial detail that I had in my ideas as it was not possible to capture all of the intricacy onto wood.


I am really happy with how this product has turned out and I think by making the design more simple the oak wood is able to be seen through more clearly and therefore adding a bit of detail in its natural form. I think that the contrast with the white and wood gives the board a very bohemian style which is ideal given the mandala theme. Considering this was my first time drawing on wood I think it was successful and I have gone ahead and ordered three more of these boards to produce designs onto. As I wait for those to arrive I will continue to draw on scrap wood and practice my accuracy.


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