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Experimenting with world map designs

After deciding to include a printed design of a world map on my canvas bag product I firstly wanted to experiment with the ways in which to draw the map. Because it is something that needs to be accurate it was a bit more difficult than I thought.

I firstly decided to do a rough two minute observational sketch to get an idea of the different shapes and lines that would be involved, this was the result:


I then decided to practice my accuracy and decided to first draw lines on the page to form squares so each section would be easier, I found this method extremely helpful and will use this in future designs:


After getting the initial outline done I decided to experiment with adding my mandala designs in different ways such as:



This is the final design that I have decided on:


I prefer this design to the rest of the others as I used a 0.3 fineliner and 0.1 fineliner which achieved a great deal more detail. It is also a good combination of floral and mandala designs and as the target audience for this product is mostly women I thought the florals added a more feminine feel to the design.


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