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Getting My World Map Design Printed onto Canvas

Initially I was thinking about printing the design by myself and teaching myself to do so but after careful consideration and different research into the topic I quickly realised that to achieve the best results I would have to look further a field.

A company called bidbi (bag it don’t bin it) print designs onto recycled 100% eco friendly canvas bags. There work ethos is to protect the environment and encourage the world to use these bags instead of plastic. I thought this would be an ideal company to use as they promote environmentally friendly products as well as sustainability.

The canvas zip purse that I decided to go for is 180mm x 280mm x 90mm


I decided to go for this as it is a versatile product which can be used as a purse, make up bag, pencil case or wash bag. I decided to first order the bag in plain to work out how exactly I would like my design places and if the zip functionality was good enough as well as the overall stitching of the product. I was very impressed and decided to choose this company to work with, they vey kindly sent me a free sample of the printed product before ordering the bulk.

At first I had wanted the design to be slightly higher on the bag but after receiving the sample I decided it would be best if it was centred.


The final product arrived recently and I am really excited about the final results, because my designs are so detailed and intricate I think it was a good idea to contact professionals to print my bag so as to not lose any of the ink work in the process. The printing was clear and crisp with nothing that was unable to print.




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