Marketing Myself

Nowadays I am extremely fortunate with having access to all corners of the world through social media and online marketing. This creates more opportunities for my small business as I can reach more people. Selling art online has become extremely popular, “in the past couple of years millions of dollars have been invested in online sales platforms. In 2013 Artspace received $8.5m (£5.2m) of investment, Paddle8 received $6m (£3.6m)” (Chris Grant Peterkin, 2014)

Even though the internet is a great opportunity to up and coming artists it is still important to do the research to see where on the internet your work will succeed. As my work is all art based and visual I have found through research and experimentation that instagram is the most successful platform for my style.

After reading a few articles on marketing and selling art online I have realised that consistency is also very important as this keeps people interested and engaged, you need to have a loyal following and to do so you need to be very active with your posts. “Your page should be much more than a place to show your art. It’s where you welcome people to your artistic life, introduce yourself and your art, and talk in ways pretty much anyone can understand, relate to, appreciate and get involved with.” (Alan Bamberger, 2014)

It is also important to build relationships through the internet by online networking with similar artists or businesses, which will boost my online presence. After looking at other peoples successful art platforms on social media I have concluded that in order to be popular and have people keep coming back to your page is to make sure that I have something that makes me different and stands out from the rest. I would like to work on this aspect of my artistic career and find what really makes me individual on the social media platforms.



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