Art and Marketing on Instagram – Unique Selling Point

Instagram first started off as a social platform for the young but it is increasingly becoming more and more popular with brands and businesses. Visual content is currently the most successful marketing method and “instagram offers a unique opportunity to businesses looking to reach their target market with engaging visual content.” (Jayson DeMers, 2015)

About a year an half ago I decided to create an art page on instagram to showcase and promote my work. It started off slow as I was just learning how to engage with other users and understanding what was popular. Here are some tips that I have learnt and taught myself on growing a business using instagram:

  1. Find your target audience – finding out who actually wanted to see my see my art work was fairly easy as I had a look at different accounts similar to me.
  2. Create content that is relevant to your audience – instagram being a visual platform it is important that I post things in the same genre as what my followers enjoy.
  3. Make sure your instagram gets engagement – It is important to make my followers feel like they are part of your community and getting people involved with your posts.
  4. Be consistent – I always try to make sure I post at least a couple times a week to make sure I am active.
  5. Use hashtags – I will always include hashtags on each of my posts that are both relevant and popular to my work so as to attract more followers and viewers.
  6. Work In Progress – I try to make my followers feel involved with the process of my work by showing works in progress of the art that I am doing so they feel as though they are coming on the journey (I find timelapse videos is a great way of doing this)
  7. Show your personality – This is what makes you differ from all the other artists like you as you have a different personality so it is important to include this in the aesthetic of your feed and art work so you stand out.
  8. Holding Giveaways – This is a great way to not only grow my following count and exposure but also shows generosity and value for your community of followers.


Example of instagram pages who stick to a certain theme and aesthetic that are visually pleasing and definitely attract followers:


Unique Selling Points (USP) –

USP is an effective way of marketing your work and has helped different businesses for awhile now. USP are there to help potential customers understand clearly what makes your product different from the others. I have decided to have a look at this topic as I feel that by including specific factors that make me stand out, customers will be more intrigued with my work and products.

A few things that make my art stand out as a USP:

  1. My mandalas and designs are authentic and represent the history of the art as I have kept them very organic and natural.
  2. I promote sustainability.
  3. Eager to collaborate and work with other artitsts e.g. working with jessbrightphotography as well as sourcing wooden products from etsy artists.
  4. Affordable, unlike most artistic products I have kept my products extremely affordable and have created a range so any one can purchase.
  5. Incorporate a very friendly, handmade and personal art business.



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