Ceramic Pots, Final Drawings and Experimentation

Drawing onto ceramic pots was not part of my initial plan but after finding them being sold as part of a dessert packaging I thought that I would use the opportunity to recycle them and produce something artistic. As the pots are black I thought my best option would be to use a white posca pen. I started out practicing some different floral, mandala inspired designs in my sketchbook:


I liked the way the flowers are able to blend in with the geometric style of mandalas, I wanted to include the designs of the keyrings as well as the designs of the canvas bag and paddle boards into this ceramic pot to tie everything together.


After practicing a bit more and deciding that I wanted to incorporate some other designs such as small circles and different line work I went ahead and attempted at my first ceramic bowl. What I liked about doing these pots was that it didn’t matter if I made a mistake because I had spent no money and was just doing a bit of recycling. I think this just goes to show that recycling really develops a sense of freedom within the artist and in turn I felt I was being more creative.

Here is what the final pots turned out like:


I think that this product is definitely the most unusual as the white ink is so striking against the all black colour of the pot. After creating all the finished product I then encountered a small problem; I wasn’t sure if people would know what the pot should be used for so I went ahead and started asking people for their opinion and what they would like to use it for, I asked 10 people in total and these were the results:

  • Trinket Dish (jewellery, watch etc holder) – 30% people asked said this
  • Ordeauves bowl (olives, hummus etc) – 30% people asked said this
  • Ashtray – 20% people asked said this
  • Cat Bowl for milk – 10% people asked said this
  • Stationary Holder (pins, paper clips etc) – 10% people asked said this

After this small experiment I think it is safe to say that I have created a product that has many diverse uses, it all depends on the person and I think that is a great selling point as people can then feel more involved wit their own creativity in deciding what they would like to use the ceramic bowl for.


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