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Summer Show Images & Set Up Ideas

Because of some unfortunate circumstances I will not be able to attend the summer show however this has not stopped me in wanting to display my products in the best possible way that I can. As I will not be able to leave the products behind (due to selling them on etsy) I thought my next best option would be to collaborate with a photographer to obtain a range of good quality pictures and include these into a slide show. These are some of the images that I will be including:


To add to the aesthetic of the slideshow my tutor and I decided to include a large image of the design on the wood paddle as a backdrop for the slideshow permitting that it is available in the budget. However if this is a problem it would also look good as a background that is projected rather than printed. I decided to edit a circle out of the paddle design which is where the slideshow will be projected onto:

18588978_1716420365041583_6169553864780810514_o copy

I have then gone onto indesign and edited the images so each one is in a circular shape to match the circle where it will be projected. This was fairly difficult as I am not 100% familiar with the program but was able to quickly learn and edit 15 images to go into the slide with a black background for the slideshow, this is what some looked like:



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