Experimenting with Different Photography

As I am selling my products online I have realised the importance of photographing and capturing my items in a clear and effective way, it’s a crucial factor to my selling and advertising because potential customers will not be able to see the products in person. I have played around with different ways and techniques in capturing the perfect shots and have realised a few crucial things to always include on product listings.

  1. Adding interesting and unique backgrounds is a great way to bring a customer in especially if it matches with the product, however it is important to not make the background the focus on the photograph. These photographs taken below are very well suited to social media platforms such as facebook and instagram for advertisement but it is not great for etsy.


2. Another important aspect of achieving the perfect images is lighting to capture a clear and crisp image, making sure there is enough lighting will be useful when trying to photograph a close up shot of the material and design, here is a great example of one of the photographs I got:


This sort of image is great for etsy but not as the main image but as an additional as it gives the customer an ideal of the texture.

3. Something the I have realised whilst experimenting with photographing my products is the angle as this really affects the quality of the product. Here is a photo that I took which did not turn out as I hoped, by shooting from above the canvas bag looked very flat:


4. I have also learnt that a great way to add depth and life to photographs is by including plants into the photos as the green really brightens up the image, here is an experiment I did with that:


Another example where plants were effectively used was in my product photography collaboration with jessbrightphotography where we decided to include a large plant to add more colour and this was the result:


5. Although it is always important to have good quality images of my products I have also learnt that it is equally important to have the less clear ones included as well, maybe not on my etsy but more so on my instagram and other social media platforms. Adding images like this makes it easier for your followers to relate to you on a more personal level as not everything in life is perfect and crisp and clear so it is important to show that.




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