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Research – Writing an Evaluation

Questions to ask myself:

  • What you chose to explore and reasons why?
  • What inspired your work?
  • What you wanted to achieve in your work?
  • How you want it to be viewed by the public?
  • How your work reflects you as an artist?

Further/In Depth Questions:

  • Are you pleased with the outcome/why?
  • Brief overview of your final piece and how?
  • What do you think went wrong/right any happy accidents?
  • What do you think you did well?
  • What do you think went wrong? (time, equipment, budget etc)
  • Is there anything new you have been taught from this?
  • Would you do anything differently next time/ adjustments?

Things to remember to include from project:

  • As this was a 12 week project I made sure to work really hard on my time plan before and utilised this throughout to keep me on track.
  • Sourcing wood products was fairly tricky as I wanted them to be recycled or helping/collaborating with another artist.
  • Learning to budget for the final products.
  • Mention some of the favourite artists that you researched. /Interview with Rosie
  • The process of learning to draw on wood.
  • Accidentally including another product through recycling.
  • Working with a recyclable print company and canvas materials being eco friendly.
  • Timing – didn’t include enough time to experiment enough.
  •  Best product/Most successful
  • Learnt to find what made me a different and unique artist and use that in my branding.
  • Project made me more passionate for instagram and social media advertisement.
  • .Wish I had spent more time on working and learning more about branding and marketing.
  • Etsy, selling out paddle boards already.
  • Problem with finding a white pen that is fineliner with a 0.1mm so detail had to be deducted as it was unattainable.
  • Learning indesign to edit images for final presentation and collaborating with jess bright photography to get professional shots of my products.

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